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Babies and Mums love Winnie the Pooh and usually anything associate with him or carrying his name and image. A Winnie the Pooh bassinet is available and it sells in the range of AU160 to AU200. It is able to be removed from the stand and can be easily carried with you everywhere. It is a unisex bassinet and has a relatively neutral colour so it can be used for both baby boys and baby girls. The Winnie the Pooh characters cover all fabric of the bassinet and it also includes blanket, mattress and fitted sheet. The best part about it is that it has happy music from the cartoon and also a vibration feature that comes in two different speeds. Vibration can work wonders with babies, helping to put them to sleep when they are unsettled.

You can complement the Winnie the Pooh bassinet with a Winnie the Pooh soft snugly bassinet blanket. There is also a Pooh flannelette bassinet sheet set that can be purchased for as little as AU15. Overall, it creates a very cosy and cute bassinet with accessories to make the parent’s life easier and help the baby have a restful sleep.

In addition to being gorgeous, the Winnie the Pooh bassinet is also functional. It can be adjusted to different heights and has remote control attached for the parents to turn on or adjust the speed of the vibration should they need to do so. This bassinet makes a fantastic gift and also a great purchase for parents.

Also available in the market are swings with the same branding and colouring, which nicely complement the bassinet. The swing has many more songs and soothing noises for the baby with toys hanging on the top of it.

Funnily enough, it is very often the parents who have had childhood associations with Winnie the Pooh and carry sentimental values over it, that choose a bassinet with a Winnie the Pooh theme. Having your favourite characters around your baby creates a connection and this is why parent will not even have second thoughts about the ‘theme’ of a bassinet. It makes also sense that after a baby grows up, the removable bassinet basket can be used for toy storage. The baby will already have specific association with the cartoon and can continue playing with the character toys from Winnie the Pooh. This bassinet has had favourable reviews from parents who bought it in the past and is definitely a favourite due to its cute looks and complementary features.

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When buying a bassinet parents should not only consider the type of bassinets they like for their little baby, but also all the types of accessories that come along with making the bassinet comfortable. These include bassinet sheet sets, bassinet mattresses, and bassinet covers. There are a variety of bassinet sheet sets available for the Australian market. Many of them are also sold online and suppliers offer a wide range of colours for parent to choose from. The 9-Months-Waiting website offers mums two-piece bassinet sheet set for only $17 each that come in gentle blue and pink colours. They are made from one hundred percent cotton, which makes it incredibly soft and easy to tuck in around your baby.

Most of bassinet sheets come in standard sizes of flat sheet being 120 x 80cm and fitted sheet 47 x 92 x 12cm. These sizes fit 99% of standard bassinets and allow enough extra material to tuck in around your baby to make him or her comfortable and cosy in the bassinet. Living Textiles, who are originally owned and founded in Australia since 1963 offers bassinet sheets. Their products, including the bassinet sheets, are made of premium-quality textiles and come in great designs and shades that leave both parents and babies happy. Living Textiles claim that their bassinet sheets are specifically tested to meet the quality and safety requirements of Australia’s high standards to ensure durability of products in addition to comfort.

A three-piece bassinet set called Bella Butterfly is also available and this made by Living Textiles as well. It has a beautiful pastel print in violet, pink, white and blue colours that includes butterflies.

In addition to flat sheet of 80 x 120cm and fitted sheet of 47 x 92 x 12cm, it also has a comforter of 70 x 80cm size that is put on the top to tuck the baby in. All sheets are made from cotton, with the comforter filled with polyester. Bella Butterfly bassinet sheets are at the more expensive end of the range at around $59.95, however, it is superbly soft and has a beautiful pastel palette with amazing floral embroideries.

Another Australian website which is fully dedicated to baby bedding is which in addition to other ranges, offers Gingham bassinet sheets supplied by Bubba Blue. Their defining feature is Gingham trim with sizes 70 x 96cm for flat sheet, 55 x 96 x 14cm for fitted sheet and 28 x 39cm for pillow case. These bassinet sheets are priced at $19.95.

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Australian manufacturers offer several types of bassinet mattresses. One of the most popular ones are Tetra mattresses (Tetra Ti-Tree Range) that are packed with 100% Ti-Tree flakes, which make a mattress firm and comfy for sleeping allowing proper air circulation.  The company claims to have no artificial materials added to their mattresses and that they are approved by the Australian health authorities. Tetra bassinet mattress mould to the baby’s body making their sleep more secure and it allows the mattress to reshape back to its original form each time after use. There are two types of bassinet mattresses based on the type of filling which can make a mattress either average or firm.

The firmness is created by the density of the filling inside the mattress and whether there is enough of room for it to move around when a baby is sleeping. More firm ones have stitches across the entire bassinet mattress that does not allow for filling to be easily redistributed inside making mattress denser. When the mattress has room inside for the filling to be reshaped, it creates more average concentration of filling inside and makes it softer.

The size of the mattress is much more important than the size of bassinet sheets, because sheets can be easily tucked in, but the mattress must be well positioned inside the bassinet and be safe for the baby. It is advisable to have the size of the mattress close to bassinet size. It is also possible to have a  bassinet mattress custom made. Some of the baby furniture shops (especially those that are not chain stores) provide a service where they will adjust the size of the bassinet mattress to fit the bassinet properly. Expect to pay extra for the mattress itself in this instance, as this is more boutique service with higher prices for baby products overall.

If you are unsure, try to get advice in several baby shops prior to buying a m

attress. The staff are usually experienced enough to

offer you a mattress with right features and size to suit your bassinet. It is helpful to know the style and brand of your bassin

et (Cariboo, round, square, portable, rocking and other) as well as the measurements of it prior to choosing mattress as bassinets come in manydifferent shapes and sizes.

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When parents prepare for a new born, there can be lots of stress about where to find the best “baby gear” and how much to spend in order to stay within the budget. It is logical, that a top priority becomes not only comfort, but also the practical side of the matter and possibility to reuse the items bought for the first baby in the future if you have more children. When choosing a bassinet, parents are often specifically interested in a portable bassinet, which can be easily folded, moved and stored wherever they go with a baby.

Understanding the current demand, designers of baby bassinets have incorporate the highest level of flexibility and versatility in bassinets that are currently available in the market. Needless to say, that this was not done without considering the safety and security of portable bassinets which is still on the top of the list which also includes comfort and practicality. When we talk about portable bassinets, we can mean a bassinet on wheels that are lockable if needed. As well has having a removable handle to carry the bassinet when it is taken off the stand.  A removable top hood is also handy so it is not too bulky to carry around. There is often a basked for storage at the bottom and it is in general very simple to fold, move and carry whenever required. Sometimes it also includes mosquito net over the top of the bassinet and allows you safely to protect a baby from any unpleasant bites during summer evenings. Portable bassinet is two-in-one solution for you as it can be transformed into carrier in addition to traditional bassinet.

An interesting version of portable bassinet is when it is made of soft material and can be carried in hands anywhere you go. It is designed for parents on the go and looks more like a travel bag rather than actual bassinet. However, it is designed to meet safety and health regulations of Australia and allows parents to carry a baby very easily with them. At the end of the day, the whole idea of being portable means that any bassinet that is light and can be folded would fall into this category.

The prices vary from $150 to $300. It is advisable that you try to fold and carry the portable bassinet before you actually buy it. Make sure you are comfortable with carrying it and consider where exactly in your house you will store it, so that you get the right size.

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It has been stressed many times that having a baby sleeping with the parents or in between the parents is very dangerous. One solution is a bassinet in the parent’s bedroom, which can be reached at arm’s length. The bassinet can be used for babies that are up to six months of age. If you cannot part yourself from a baby at all, there are also co-sleeping bassinets available that get attached to one side of your bed and create a similar experience to co-sleeping with a baby but at the same time, it also allows parents to avoid being exposed to the dangers of sharing a bed with a little baby.

It is very understandable that the mother will have a desire not to be parted from her baby. It is in our genes and instincts to be close to the baby and thus be available at any time to offer protection and help. It is interesting that some research claims that nowadays almost 90% of parents in the Western world use bassinets when they have a baby. The price of a bassinet is in the range of AU100 to AU400. Many bassinets in Australia can be purchased together with sets of accessories such as mattresses, pads, sheet sets and other items.

The main retailers of bassinets in Australia are Kids Store, Metro Mum, Baby Shop Direct, Babies Galore, Baby House, Bubs Baby Shops, Belly Belly and others. It is possible to find special type of bassinets such as Cariboo bassinets, rocking bassinets, Winnie the Pooh bassinets, Cariboo folding bassinets, Cocoon bassinets (looking more like a hammock that can be swinged) and portable bassinets. Even though there are so many parents using bassinets, safety reports claim that cots remain the safest place for a baby to sleep mainly due to the reason that cots have undergone proper safety check ups according to widely accepted safety standards that each producer is obliged to follow. At the same time, no mandatory safety requirements are available for bassinets and any other type of sleepers for babies. Thus, parents are reminded to take this into consideration when purchasing a bassinet.

At the end of the day, for parents, safety should remain the utmost priority when purchasing a product such as bassinet. On the benefit side, bassinets allow a baby to naturally transition from mum’s hands, to the bassinet and then to a cot. So it is very useful till the baby is 6 months old. For parents there is also the benefit that they can relax more during the night knowing that their baby is right next to them and this means that parents can get rest and sleep much better.